Data Analysis

We help wind turbine owners and operators to clean, manage, and analyse operational wind turbine data.

Over their operational lifetime, wind turbines produce constant streams of data from both SCADA and condition monitoring systems. This operational data is no less than an insight into the behaviour of the turbine and its components as well as the ambient environment with which the turbine interacts. Understanding operational data means understanding the performance and technical state of your asset.

Especially with older wind turbines, data quality can be an issue. Grid outages, communication losses, measurement equipment failures, calibration errors and sensor drift can leave your operational data compromised.

We combine both in depth technical knowledge of wind turbines together with data science and use the best of both worlds to help increase data quality and improve the understanding of your turbine.

Once data sets are clean and readily available, analysis can be performed to answer questions about general performance, or go in depth to look specifically at individual hardware or software issues.

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