Research and Development

We research and develop ideas and concepts for wind turbine manufacturers, owners and operators.

Continuous improvement in wind turbine technology has transformed today's turbines into slender giants with innovative tower assembly concepts, floating offshore foundations and rotor blades the size of airplanes. With wind turbines uniting several fields of study, research and development can become a daunting task for turbine manufacturers, owners and operators.

Aiolos Wind offers valuable engineering support for research and development projects. With experience in many areas of wind energy, we will act as a focal point for projects spanning multiple disciplines, using our generalist approach to bring together the individual pieces of the puzzle.

R&D projects can take the form of a validating measurement campaign for a hardware or software upgrade, or the custom engineering for a system or component to be retrofitted. Larger projects can be the complete technical development of a new control strategy for an entire fleet of wind turbines, or the project management for the first assembly of a wind turbine prototype. Regardless if old ideas are to be improved, or if new concepts are to be explored, our know-how is at your service.

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